Proudly Bringing Innovative Technologies
to Properties for Over a Decade

Since our launch we have spent the majority of our time improving existing features and producing new ones that makes life easier for our ever growing family of clients.

The Ecosystem

An Unprecedented Experience Offering a Strategic & Intelligent Approach to Managing Your Property

CADSYS was created to be an all-in-one solution to manage your property efficiently. Our easy-to-use, eco-friendly software eliminates the need for paper-based activities, making property management hassle-free. Our cloud-based platform is equipped with robust features to oversee building administration and portfolios, and it also offers user-friendly features for tenants and unit owners. Contact us today to experience the future of property management!

Multi-Portal Solution

Spanning multiple web portals and mobile applications, we are dedicated to keep extending the features and possibilities available to our users.

Constantly Updated

As of today, we have released 427 updates which averages out to 3 updates a month since launch, making sure CADSYS is always up to date.


CADSYS reduces paper waste and transportation-related emissions by digitizing workflows and reducing in-person visits.

Servicing Multiple Markets

Our services are currently offered in the UAE, Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with more markets to be added shortly.

The Latest Technologies

Utilizing technologies such as Face Recognition, Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence, CADSYS leads the way in innovative solutions.

Secure & Stable

With 0% unplanned downtime since launch in combination with stringent security standards, we take pride in offering ease of mind for our clients.

A Multi-Portal Approach to Elevated Performance

By building multiple portals to address the expansive oversight required to running a property, we can compartmentalize each aspect of the solution.
Administration Portal

The administration portal is where the on-site team does their daily work. Easy to navigate and easy to understand is the fundamental idea of the portal. Even though CADSYS consists of hundreds of features, the system runs smoothly and never feels hard to understand or navigate.

Member Portal

The ability to access any and all information about their unit is something that all unit owners and tenants want. CADSYS provides an experience that is user friendly and minimal, and has been developed with ease of use as a main priority for all people regardless of age.

Overwatch Portal

With property management companies in mind, the overwatch portal gives you the ability to not only get complete and accurate data summaries, but also a side-by-side comparison view of your entire portfolio. In addition, you can select to view information on a per-property level of each property.

Merchant Portal

CADSYS has tie-ups with several merchants that offers discounts and deals for all residents in our connected properties. The merchant portal gives our merchants the ability to confirm memberships, manage their profiles and available offerings as well as viewing account statistics.

Broker Portal

Enables connected properties to share their available assets with accredited brokers. Unit owners as well as property administration teams are able to offer their units for lease or for sale and with the increased reach the portal will provide, the time to close listings is greatly reduced. There is also the option to enter a listing into a bid procedure where multiple brokers can bid to be awarded a specific unit.

Companion Mobile Applications

The CADSYS ecosystem includes four distinct mobile applications on iOS and Android: the MEMBER application is for unit owners and tenants, the CADSYS ADM app is utilized by the administrative staff while on the go, security teams use the Cadcierge app to log vehicles and validates permits while the Xtend app is where friends and family can be invited enjoy the promos offered by our partner merchants.

We Focus on Building Features
that Our Clients Love

Here is a small showcase of screenshots of some of the many, many features you will find in CADSYS:

Want to See What Other Features We Can Offer?

Hold on to your hat, here comes a list of some of the features we have to offer across our portals:

Instant translation between 16 languages

Our property management SaaS offers a unique feature that sets it apart from other property management software – translations between 16 languages. This feature allows for seamless communication between the administration team and tenants who may speak different languages. This means that important information, such as rent payments, maintenance requests, and other inquiries, can be easily understood and responded to by both parties.

With this feature, property management teams can expand their reach to a wider range of tenants, including those who may have previously been excluded due to language barriers. Ultimately, our translation feature helps to promote inclusivity and effective communication, leading to a better overall tenant experience.

Γειά σου
A true one-stop solution

A complete solution that
covers all needs of your property

The features shown above is only a portion of what we have to offer, and most of them are taken from a single portal. As a reminder, CADSYS consists of five portals and four companion mobile applications. To list all of our features on one page simply wouldn't be realistic.

If you would like to know more about the power of CADSYS and how the system can assist you, please reach out and allow us to give you and your team a proper presentation of the entire ecosystem.

Always Innovating

We strive to always take advantage of the latest technologies and already have already adapted the use of face recognition, artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things. Whenever new technologies are discovered that may suit CADSYS, we introduce them swiftly.

A Decade of Trust

After a decade of unrivaled service to our clients, we take great pride in how far we have come. CADSYS has become synonymous with top-level service, unparalleled security and performance, and we always strive to become better.