Intelligent Solutions for
Smarter Properties

CADSYS is a cloud-based property & facility management system that provides a complete digital solution for all aspects of day-to-day management of your property.

Enhance your Operations

We provide residential communities and high-rises with a solid and complete property management platform. By providing instantly available and trackable information and statistics, CADSYS elevates properties by enhancing organization and efficiency.

Administration Portal

For the daily work of the on-site property administrative team.

Member Portal

Where unit owners and tenants can log in and manage their units.

Overwatch Portal

Provide oversight of entire portfolios for property management companies and developers.

Merchant Portal

Where partner merchants can log in and manage their offers and promotions.

Broker Portal

For accredited real-estate brokers to access all units listed for lease/sale.

Companion Mobile Applications

Mobile companion apps lets on-site teams and tenants access their data while on go.

Generate proposals
Produce meeting outlines
Plan & organize events
Present problem solutions
Produce email templates
Review legal language
Contract creation
Proof reading
Automated meter readings
Indoor air quality
Smart lighting
Water pressure & leak detection
Structural integrity checks
LIDAR foot traffic management
Door sensors
Tower sway
High Availability

CADSYS operates on multiple load-balanced web servers to ensure the best possible experience for our users, while ensuring unrivaled uptime.

Multi-Zone Redundancy

Our servers are located in multiple geographical regions with multiple fail-safes, which delivers continued uptime in case of regional outages.

Real-Time Database Replication

Any data entered in CADSYS is replicated in real-time to a secondary fail-safe database and backed-up daily to ensure data availability.

256 Bit AES Encryption

Sensitive data is protected by 256 Bit AES encryption which is widely used in online banking and e-commerce, providing a high level of security for users.

Convinced yet?

A Complete Solution that Covers All of Your Operational Requirements

CADSYS is a completely managed and hosted SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution for management of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties.

CADSYS is a versatile and green (removes paper based activities from the equation and offers digital solutions in its place) cloud based property management platform that not only presents powerful features for building administrations and portfolio level oversight, but also offers owner/tenant level features.

Multi-Portal Solution

Spanning multiple web portals and mobile applications, we are dedicated to keep extending the features and possibilities available to our users.

Proven Track Record

We take immense pride in our progress over the past decade, having provided unparalleled service to our clients. CADSYS is now renowned for its top-notch service, unmatched security, and exceptional performance, and we are constantly working towards improving ourselves.


What Our Users Think of Our System and Service

To make sure that we stay on top of our client's needs and sentiment about our service, we regularly send out surveys. Below you can find some of the feedback of those surveys: