A property management company's best friend.


Complete oversight for multiple properties.

With property management companies in mind, the overwatch portal gives you the ability to not only get complete and accurate data summaries, but also a side-by-side comparison view of your entire portfolio. You can even view information on a per-property level!

Unlimited properties

Add as many properties to Overwatch as you would like. There are no limitations.

Unlimited locations

Manage properties across Asia, Europe, USA? No problem, Overwatch is up to the task!

Easy comparison

Three-tier structure: summary, property comparison and ultimately, property level information. We show you all of it.


The Overwatch Portal includes:

unit count • occupied unit count • occupancy rate • resident count • outstanding bills (total amount) • collection rate • employee count • member count • visitor count (monthly) • vehicle count • expired vehicle access • unpaid bills count • statistics • financial overview • estate market search (all units for sale/lease) • team management

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