Protecting your residents from unwanted visitors at all times.


Keeping unwanted elements out of your property.

Securing your building is one of the most important tasks for any security team in todays environment. Frontline uses advanced face recognition algorithms to check visitors against internal databases of unwanted elements in real time.

Instant recognition

As soon as a visitor is logged in CADSYS, Frontline compares their facial features against existing threats and alerts the team if a match is found.


Each match displays the probability in percent along with subject information and recommended actions.


It takes less than a second to get a positive match in Frontline.


Frontline provides ultimate protection for your property:

Since all visitors are automatically screened and matched before they are granted access to the property, the security team can easily respond to any unwanted visitors quickly and effectively. No more team handouts with pictures of unwanted or banned people that are easily forgotten. Keeping your property secure just got a lot easier!

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