A complete tool for your security team.


Always keep your security team up to speed.

The CADcierge iPad application provides up to date information for the security team, including active permits. Advanced logging features makes manual logbooks a thing of the past. Digital data not only keeps the logs secure but also enables data searches in seconds!

Offline logging

Logging features have offline modes to make sure that no entries are missed at any time.

Arrival notifications

Residents are notified when security checks in any pending deliveries.

Access protection

Each iPad are protected from unauthorized use by a registration process. If an iPad is lost, simply de-register it and access to data is denied for said iPad.


CADcierge offers the following features:

visitor logs (with image capture) • today's visitor overview • vehicle logs (with image capture) • today's deliveries overview • permit overview • unit permit history • permit approval details • permit details

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