The heart of your property, and our system.


Always be in control of all aspects of your property.

The administration portal is where the on-site team does their daily work. Easy to navigate and easy to understand is the fundamental idea of the portal. Even though CADSYS consists of hundreds of features, the system never feels hard to understand or navigate. All the data you need, when you need it. Always accessible, from anywhere.

Instant notifications

Specific team mebers get notified on specific events, ensuring that nothing is forgotten and always acted upon swiftly.


CADSYS indicates if stock levels are low or if optional WIFI equipment is maintained, for example. Always know the status of things that matter.

Ever expanding

CADSYS is usually updated weekly, in many cases based on customer feedback. We try to tailor the system to fit the needs of our customers.

Strong foundation

Highly available in multiple regions, CADSYS provides unprecedented uptime and reliability. We make sure you can rest easy.


We store your information in dedicated databases which are backed up daily. All personal information and communication is encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption.


Some of the features of the administration portal:

detailed unit information (sqm size, intercom number, bedroom count etc.) • statistics (visitors, residents, vehicles, permits, occupancy, etc.) • resident entry/exit logs • vehicles logs (entry/exit with image capture) • visitor logs (entry/exit with image capture) • domestic staff entry/exit logs • stock inventory • key inventory • parking & vehicle management • vehicle access • birthday reminders • maintenance requests • support inquiry system • faq • marketplace • estate market (rent/sale listings) • document archive • bills management • auto-calculating of bills • permit approvals • notifications • reminders (overdue bills, incomplete contact information, etc.) • recurring events tracking (fumigation, etc) • consumables tracking (water bottles, fire extinguishers and other replenishable items) • frontline protection (persona non grata) • amenity booking • services booking • parcel log • mail log • forms & applications (resident information sheet, domestic helper registration, vehicle sticker application etc) • active renovation • incident reporting and much, much more...

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